50/50 wool silk for socks?

I have a friend who just gave me a bag of yarn. She’s not a knitter, but has seen some of my knitting.

She got a bunch of yarn, and thought it would be great if I’d knit her a pair of socks in return for whatever is left of this year, plus a bunch in the bag (variety of stuff).

Anyway…the yarn is Reynold’s Rapture

It’s 50% wool and 50% silk…and bulky, to boot. When she was first describing it, she read the gauge and I told her most likely, if she wanted socks she needed to think slipper socks, or maybe some hiking type socks.

But now that I see the yarn, is silk/wool…IF she wanted slipper socks or whatever one MIGHT be able to make with this yarn…would it wear out pretty quickly?

My plan is to discourage her from the sock plan, and go for something more suitable like a scarf or wrap.

But do I need to put my foot down and say, “no,” because it’s just not suitable for any kind of sock? (leaving aside the question of why one would want to use perfectly good silk/wool for socks!:roll: )

I would be honest with her and tell her that it may not be the best yarn for socks. It’s bulky which means slipper socks, plus it has no nylon or polyester for strength. I’d leave it up to her though. If she really wants socks out of it they will at least go fast for you.

Hi, Lisa! :waving:

If your friend insists on socks you’ll definitely need to reinforce the heels and toes. The silk/wool blend simply, in my opinion, won’t hold up well enough without it. Here’s a great source for reinforcing yarn…


As Jan said, if you can divert her over to a scarf or wrap, maybe with matching fingerless gloves, it would be much better. But if socks are the main choice, by all means reinforce those heels and toes. (or the whole foot if you do slipper socks!)

Keep a chunk of yarn aside when you finish the socks because you will probably have to darn them later. If the toe shows a hole, cut the toe of the sock off just before the hole and frog back to the beginning of the decreases. Re-knit the sock (with reinforcing yarn along with the sock yarn). If there’s a hole in another part of the sock, there are videos on line on how to darn as well as fixing holes with duplicate stitch!

Good luck with this! And I hope you can get her to “see reason” and choose another use for the yarn!

Happy Knitting,

Ruthie :hug:

Yeah, the weight and the fiber doesn’t make it a good one for socks. For slipper socks she wouldn’t be wearing anything over them maybe and they will wear out fast, as well as pill very fast.

It’s much better suited to being worn around the neck or shoudlers.

Thanks, Ladies!

You’ve confirmed what I was thinking…I’ll see if I can find a pattern or two to entice her to change her mind! :slight_smile: