5-st WRAP

Doing a 5-st WRAP. I am doing a block that has this stitch. It describes to me: slip next 5 sts from LH needle to cable needle with yarn in back, (wrap these 5 sts 3 times, p5 from cn. ) What I don’t understand is the last part. The part in parenthesis. Thank you for your help.

The stitch is essentially like the one demonstrated here but instead of moving the held sts from the cable needle to the right hand needle, you pattern wants you to purl them from the cable needle.
I don’t especially like purling from a cable needle so I return the sts to the left hand needle and then purl them.

I’m sorry I’m still :woman_shrugging:

The idea is to wrap the yarn around the sts that are held on the cable needle and then purl those wrapped sts which are sitting on the cable needle. You would use the cable needle as your left hand needle while you purl the 5 sts. The end result is going to look like a smocked pattern.
Can you give us the name of the block or a link to it?
It may help to knit a small swatch and try this to see if you can work it out. Have you tried to do it with sts on the needle? Sometimes that’s easier than reading the directions and trying to picture it.

Through Cascade Yarns
It is The Knitterati Afghan Knit-Along Block 9.
Row 23. It starts K1, 4-st LC, p6, 5-st WRAP,p1, 2-st RPC, 5-st WRAP, p3, k1, p3, 5-st WRAP, 2-st LPC,p1, 5-st WRAP, p6, 4-stLC, k1.

Very nice. The wrapped strands aren’t pulled as tightly as a smocked pattern. They seem to be just loosely wrapped around the 5 sts.

The sts are then purled to maintain the purl background.

I tried to do it but messed it up I guess I’m just confused on how to do it

Is it wrapping the yarn around the sts? If so the tutorial I linked to shows it fairly well. See step 3.
I would wrap the sts clockwise and end with the yarn in front ready to purl.
If it’s purling the sts, then think of it as the usual cable and slip the sts back onto the left needle and purl them as if they weren’t wrapped.

I finally did it. Thank u so much!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile::+1:

Terrific! Love to see the finished square.

I will post a picture when I’m done. Thanks again. :smile::smile:

I finally finished my Block with the 5-st WRAP that you helped me with. Thank you so much.

Let me know what you think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s beautiful! Well done.
Is this going to be part of the afghan? It’ll be spectacular.

I love that! The detail on the borders really sets out of beautifully!

Yes it will be part of the afghan. They send out 30 blocks throughout the year. This is my favorite so far.

You are literally"wrapping" the yarn around the stitches on the cable needle. Put your 5 stitches on the cable needle and pull the yarn as you normally would, but you are wrapping, wrapping the yarn around the stitches on the cable needle to create a band around those 5 stitches, after you have finished the banding you are simple purling the stitches as usual back into the pattern and continuing with the pattern.

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