5 icons for a country ...BUT

I’d enjoy knowing what you folk consider to be the 5 top icons for a country BUT rather than make it your own country, how about choosing another nation and listing that way.

So, when I think about the US I think of red, white and blue, Mt Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, Silicon Valley and John Steinbeck.

If you consider Mexico or France or Italy or Aussie or New Zealand etc etc…what comes to mind?

Are you seriously asking me what comes to mind when I think of Australia!!!


Twit (baby bird in a nest!) :slight_smile: Pick a country, any country. Spin a globe and have a go. I assume no-one here knows countries but their own at this point. :cool:

I’ll do England and have two turns: Buck Palace, Royal Family, Conan Doyle, Shakespeare, Flag.

I’ll pick a more obscure country for you Limey if you won’t play in my sandpit. The Outer Realms of Bhutan!

Actually, I know an interesting fact about Bhutan.

Give it your best shot re Australia. Garn…

The resident of the gum tree said:-

“Actually, I know an interesting fact about Bhutan.”

I’m sure it’s not the only interesting fact you know either!

OK - I’m in …

South Africa: Table Mountain, Namibian ‘skeleton’ coast, Rorke’s Drift, Victoria Falls, night sky - Southern Cross.

Everything that springs to mind about Australia starts with a ‘C’ -

Cricket (of course), Crocodile Dundee, Cangaroes, Coalas,

and [I]cold, cold,[/I] beer.

Do tell, is it right that Aussies drink cold beer - doesn’t anybody ask for a normal ‘room temperature’ pint?

I’ll give Australia a go:
The Sydney Opera House, the Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, kookaburra’s, and the Australian soap “Neighbors”.
Ok, so I used to live in England back in the 90’s and watched “Neighbors” back then. I love the accents.

LOL We have a song “Football, meat pies, cangaroes and holden cars”

COLD is the way of the aussie my dear. We even refrigerate the glasses when we can and stubby holders are BIG icons here. Many well to do homes have a bar fridge just for beer.

It’s not like our beer is served with ice forming on it or anything…that just gives you mouth and chest freeze (orrible) but no-one would willingly drink a room temp or warm beer here no. You put the beer in the fridge, wait a couple of hours and Bob’s the proverbial. Sometimes home brew will be warmish but that’s when you fridge the glasses and also use a holder.

Ahh… I laughed at the Neighbours reference in a way. I believe it was more popular in England at one point than it was here :slight_smile: Of course many of the actors would go to England around Christmas and do the ‘panto’. I watched Neighbours on and off but rarely watch tv now. I enjoy my BBC comedy DVD’s.

I thought so. :teehee: I love BBC comedy too.
I’ll do England, because I only lived there for 2 years. Stonehenge, Hampton Court, Jane Austen, Piccadilly Circus, Mr. Bean. There are many things I love about England, of course, but those were just a few random things I thought of.

I’ll play…

KILTS!, Castles, accents, haggis, ancestry, history

We definitely drink our beer cold in Canada too, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same in the States! :thumbsup:

Ok… I’m in San Antonio, Texas right now so let me try out the “Republic of Texas” :teehee:

The Alamo (my hotel is right next to it! :cheering:), Longhorn cows, Tejanos, the Rio Grande, and… margaritas :oops:

(I don’t know much about Texas as you can see… :doh:)

Native Texan here… and if I was in San Antonio that would be my list too… except maybe add the RiverWalk. Ahhh 'ritas on the RiverWalk…

Yee haaa…people in my sandpit!

mariblue and others…what I find interesting is what we probably relate to most because of media and what due to personal loves or experience. Obviously there are overlaps.

beckyrae…I LOVE the accents however if I see one more idiotic tourism show where someone attempts to lift a kilt to see what is underneath…I will scream. I agree that history is really outstanding. I would have put in Black Watch as that’s the clan one of my grandmothers belonged to. Or, and maybe the Corrs but that wouldn’t have come immediately. I am trying to think of the Scots show that had a policeofficer.hmm

iza…Are tejanos a food? And what is the Alamo actually like as a tourist experience?

:teehee: It’s exactly what I had last night, becky! A good margarita by the fabulous Riverwalk. :happydance:

Edit: Susan, the Alamo is a construction that used to be for missionaries I think, but it’s famous for the battle between Mexico and “Texians” (english-speaking Texans, Texas was owned by Mexico at the time). Buildings are still there, in downtown San Antonio. It’s one of the major tourist attraction here.

And Tejanos are spanish-speaking Texans (but not of recent immigration).

The ‘secret’ fact about Bhutan by the way is that in 1973 they brought out a round stamp that you could actually play on a player, even tho it was very small. You could hear their national anthem.

Stamps can be really interesting in terms of countries. Not sure of the nation now but one country brought out a stamp in the shape of a banana…celebrating one of their principle crops.

Australia brought out one of the first sets of native animal stamps (or THE first set) and also a set that resembled gems like opals.

Hi Mariblue

Glad to know you liked living here - (and especially Mr Bean).

I lived in Massachusetts for a while and what mainly springs to mind are trees, trees, and more trees - seriously, Delicate Arch in Utah, Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, Painted Desert - ok, I’ll say something good about the trees - the colours in Autumn are spectactular.

Comedies - Jerry Seinfeld

Are the colours in the painted desert really obvious?

Sometimes we have expectations that are dashed in the reality.

I asked about the Alamo for the same reason…you develop a notion and arrive and think…oh, four walls…right. :slight_smile: I’m not putting it down but making the comment more broadly. If a place has good interpretive panels and so on, so that you can really learn about the history etc that’s always a good thing.

Russia; Vodka, Men who can dance unbelievably while down on their haunches, Pushkin (easier to spell than Dov…Dov…oh well), Stalin, The Kremlin.

Don’t forget, there’s no basement at the alamo.

Brazil: the Rio, Carnival, rainforest, beaches, very tanned men.