5 hour baby sweater: unisex?

I want to knit a unisex baby sweater out of Caron Simply Soft. Is the 5 hour sweater too feminine? Also, I noticed that page had a link to a “boy version”… perhaps that? They parents are keeing the baby’s sex a secret before it’s born so only a few people know. I’m going to use an off-white color. I have such a hard time choosing patterns for babies! :teehee:

I think if you’re going to do it in off-white, either one would be fine. I like the boy version a little better. It’s just a bit more aesthetically pleasing to me.

IMO they are both a little feminine and I think I feel that way because of the detailing at the top. Could just be me though.

You could leave the patterning part off and just make it plain.

I’ve done this one, too.
http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/4054/babysweaterfront.htm It was easy, but the edges tended to curl. If you put button holes and buttons that would probably take care of that though.

Something like this is good for any baby.
Hooded baby jacket
Baby V neck cardigan

since you don’t know the gender of the baby, I also like the “boy” version a bit better.

I’m not sure if the boy version is the one with garter ridges. Basically, on the rows where the bobbles go, do a purl ridge.


I really like that baby V neck cardigan! The pattern is written for DK weight yarn tho. Would it be an easy switch?


I really like that baby V neck cardigan! The pattern is written for DK weight yarn tho. Would it be an easy switch?[/quote]

I don’t know about changing the pattern…I’m not that good yet. :teehee: However, babies do grow so making it in a heavier weight would probably just produce a larger size that he’ll grow into.

Oh and the designer does say to use smaller needles for a smaller size. It looks like she’s in the UK and based on this chart it looks like she’s using size 9 US needles, but I would write to ask her since that is way too large for DK weight yarn isn’t it? So maybe she means Canadian sizes? :??

Here’s another pattern for a baby V-necked seamless raglan cardigan.

Again, this one calls for DK weight yarn, but I would think you could use the Caron Simply Soft with appropriate size needles and it would be okay, just a little bigger, right? :shrug: Like Jan said, the baby will grow into it.

If you’re willing to pay for a pattern, don’t forget about the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns.

If I find any others in my baby pattern stash I’ll post again. (Yes, my pattern stash rivals my yarn stash. :teehee: )

Where is this pattern for the 5 hour sweater???

She linked to it in the first post. :teehee:
5 hour baby sweater
There are several similar ones and some may be the same.
Quickie baby sweater
Lorraine Major’s version of the 5 hr baby sweater


DUH~~~ :rofl: