5 FO's for my chilly family members!

Hi, everyone!

I made these five scarves for my family, during these weeks when it’s too cold to go out. It took a while, but about a week ago I finally finished the last one- the light blue one!

So, here’s all I did:

  1. Irish hiking scarf, using Wool-Ease worsted weight in Forest Green Heather (so pretty!) and US 8 needles. It’s 4 feet long.

  2. Basketweave scarf, using Homespun yarn in “Cyprus” (now discontinued-- :waah: ), and US 10 needles. All I did was cast on 21 sts, k3, p3, to the end, and do that for three rows. Then, three rows later, I would do p3, k3, to the end for another three rows. It’s about 3 1/2 feet long.

  3. Garter stitch scarf. I used Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Charcoal Grey, and US 11 needles. I just casted on 15 (maybe 16; I don’t remember) and did the whole thing in garter stitch. It’s a little over 3 feet long.

  4. Then I did one that’s white (Red Heart) and navy blue (Caron Perfect Match in midnight blue), with two strands of worsted weight held together on US 10 needles. I casted on 14, and did 2x2 ribbing all the way through. This one’s about 4 feet long. I like the variegated effect.

  5. Last but not least, I did this one with Patons Divine yarn in Halo Blue. I did the same ribbing pattern as the white and navy one. It’s 6 feet long.

Anyway, here are some pics:

xxx Nicole

They’re all just beautiful.

awesome! :happydance:

Those are nice!

They’re lovely. :heart: Now your family can be wrapped in warmth and love all at the same time. :hug:

Nicole-Those look great. Love the scarf with cables.
Also, the avatar of your dog made me laugh!! :rofl:

Thank you!
The Irish hiking scarf was my second cabling project, and I loved working on it! :thumbsup: It took a little longer than most scarves do, but I had fun with it. :happydance:
Does anyone else find it really hard to work with Patons Divine yarn?? It was really hard for me to work with, and made me :hair: :gah: :wall: Especially becausemy hands tend to be sweaty ALL the TIME (even when I’m cold :??), and all the fibers come off and stick to my hands. Hmph. :tap: But it does look pretty when it’s finished.
Well, thanks again for the nice comments. :hug: :mrgreen:
By the way, Jillle, I like that picture of the dog, too! Wish I could have one , but I’m allergic to dogs… :verysad: :verysad: :verysad:
xxx Nicoleeeeee