5 books give away free first come first serve

Hello everyone i have decided to give away 5 books first come first serve to knit to crochet than many other paper craft books candle making etc books
I may be late for thanks giving but on time for christmas

Over the experience i learnt that 1000000000$ dont make u happy or make u smile but just a small gift many times given with heart makes a person smile

I also learnt that when things r just lying with me can also be a lot helpful to others who wants to learn who wants to earn who wants to use for charity and i would love to be the medium

Please not that the books are second hand books but yet clean to neat to use and yes im giving it for free i would bear all the charges

This is my share to appreciate u all to be helpful to me
And i would REQUEST to every one please dont opt for the books bcoz they r free
and ur the first one to see it in the thread even when its not a use for u
Give others a chance who really need it

what a generous offer - i hope they all go to good homes! :slight_smile:

Posting books front cover one by one
Who ever wants pls do copy paste the picture down in the thread
And pm me ur full name address email address
And also write ur name which u use in this forum
And please note its first come first serve and out of 5 first 4 decides which one they want 5 th one will have to do with the book which is remaining if u want take it or leave it
There r many books on your way

Hope who ever recieves the books is always happy and god bless u all

2 more left here sizing is problem

Heres the last 2

Thank u soo much even i wish the same it goes to homes where its needed