5 " berenguer doll easter pattern

Jan-13 New patterns from Mary Maxim.
Lamb outfit.
Row 3-k8, PM, k6, PM, p 10(center front) PM, k6, PM,k8.
Here’s where I need help.
Note: Slip M’s on each row following.
Row 4: Buttonhole row: k2tog, yo, k1, p to 2nd M (??)
[k2,p2] twice, k2, p to last 3 sts, k3.
Row 5: Knit to 2nd M, (??), kfb in st before & after each M, p1,k2,p2,k2,p1,k to end, kfb in st before & after each marker. (46 sts) Where am I supposed to slip Ms? & what do they mean?

When you come to them unless instructed otherwise. Sometimes markers get moved. Some patterns specify that you should slip the marker in all lines of the pattern and some don’t. Personally I prefer that it not be there every single time. Patterns get cluttered.

Sorry, still do not know.
The pattern continues to go to 2nd marker.
I counted 46 sts on the fifth row.
Which is the correct count.
The pattern still goes on to say 2nd Marker, and later on
still says "each Marker. "
So confused on " Note: Slip M’s on each row following. "
Row 4 etc.,
Hard to explain-Will either start on hat or keep going to see what happens if I use my intuition.

Could you please provide a link to the pattern?

The markers in this pattern are on the needle rather than sitting on a stitch. When they’re on the needle, slip from one needle to another. (On a stitch, the markers would stay in place in the knitting but that’s not what’s wanted here.)

The markers are showing you where to increase and the 2nd and 3rd markers are setting off the middle 10sts. These 10sts will increase on subsequent rows because of the kfb. The middle 10sts are purled on row 3 and then k2p2 in row 4 and 5.

Work to one stitch before the marker, kfb, slip the marker, kfb and continue like this for the next 3 markers until the pattern says otherwise. The markers stay in the same place.

Maybe this pattern: