4DPN or 5DPN sock knitting?

I noticed all books and instructions (that I looked at) give instruction for 4DPN sock knitting.
I am working on my first sock and find that I prefer 5DP method. That way I don’t have any laders and to be honest I like squares bether :lol:
How does one adjust decreases when working with 5DPN’s, especialy the toe?

I think the book Knit Socks shows the 5dpn method??:??

i adjust the number of stitches on each needle, when i get to the heelflap.

i find working with 5DPN’s works when the stitches dictate. like, if the pattern is an 8 stitch and there is a total of 64 stitches, its easier for me to keep 16 stitches on each needle.

Or if the directions are specific for 4 needles, then you could switch to 4 needles for the toe.

I agree with geekgolightly, I just divide them up based on number of stitches, patterns, etc…whatever makes it easily divisable and understandable. I often do cable patterns and so if it’s a smaller cable and I have four repetitions around the calf, I divide onto 4 needles and work with a 5th. A larger, three-rep cable gets three needles.

If when working a heel or something and I need a different division, I just add or remove a needle as needed and reposition the stitches.


I normally use 2 circular, toe up socks, but when I do use dpn’s, I use 5. That’s the normal for toe up socks. I g uess it could go either way with top down socks.