$42.00 for unfinished sox?


I am sure I am missing something here … is this yarn very very special??

I just looked up the price and the place I checked has it for $6.95 a ball. I don’t understand this either, maybe the yarn patterned out the Virgin Mary or something? :smiley:

WOW. :shock: I have NO idea…the bidding started at 1.50. Regia Mini Ringel Colors sells for about 6 or 7 bucks per skein. That color, however, is discontinued. WOW.


Hmmmmm. I can almost finish a pair of socks too… :thinking:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: just THINK how much you could get for one of those almost finished Celtic socks!!

i don’t know but the bidders aren’t SOOOO new that they should be that crazy. I was bidding on a Pursenalities book that went above the price it would cost for me to go get it at B&N…i don’t get people who go on ebay and pay more than retail…lol

Some people are just additcted to shopping on Ebay. They’ll buy anything… :rollseyes:

I swear… people are stupid. :roflhard:

Hey, I have a potato chip in the shape of an unfinished sock! Any bids!

just…WOW!!! I thought that it must have been spun from the silken hair (that has only been washed in rose water) of young virgin daughters of Egyptian sheiks or … I just don’t know what to think…I’m SPEECHLESS…ya’ll know that never happens!!

Well, basically the socks are already knit for you so I think the winning bidder took into account the value of a handknit pair of socks rather than the yarn they were made from.

I can usually knit a pair of socks in fingering weight in my free time :wink: in about two weeks, so if you look at the time spent making a handcrafted pair of socks and put a value on that time/skilled labor that went into them then I feel the price would be appropriate, at least for the one willing to pay it. Aren’t you worth at least $20.00 a week? I bet you are!

I am from that old school that always looked at a nice item and thought to myself, “hey I could do that” and then did it myself or just kept thinking about doing it myself until I lost interest :smiley:

$20?? I’m worth a hundred billion zillion dollars! :mrgreen:

Yes I am… my mommy said so.

:shock: Good for that seller! I think Dee’s hit the nail on the head. The price may be surprising, but the profit margin is extremely reasonable.

If I were doing it for profit, I’d use worsted weight yarn for faster knitting! Betcha folks would still pay as much, if you could make a pretty pattern in the sock! :thumbsup:

:shock: Wow. I just wonder why a person who could finish the sock wouldn’t just buy the yarn and knit both socks? :?? Much cheaper.

Too funny!

I am seriously considering selling a pair of Opal Mens socks that I knit. They were “Lucky Interview Socks” that I made for my husband…and they were so lucky that he got hired without an interview. (no kidding)

How much do you think I could get for those bad boys? They have a nice slip stitch cable ribbing. :wink:

:shock: Great Scott,Ya’ll!!! I never thought of trying to sell UNFINSHED socks on eBay! :slight_smile: I thought maybe I could make whole PAIRS and GIVE them for Christmas gifts and they might seem like something special. :?? Gee, bummer!! I could have paid $42.00 for and Un- finished pair + yarn and given them to my brother instead!! Maybe he could have figured out how to knit and then we could knit together! (Smacks forhead) :?? :?? :shock:

HmmmI’ve got half a tomato sandwich left…think I’ll post it on eBay!

She has sold other half finished items as well. I kind of looked her feedback up to see if this was something that was done often… there were at least two other ones, then I quit looking. Wow, to get money back for a project that you never finished. I never thought about that before. She did not make as much though on the unfinished sweater as she did on the pair of socks. Wow, I still can’t get over that one! :shock:

It just occurred to me that maybe she sells these things to people who want to look crafty without the work! When company’s coming, you put out the good china and happen to leave the unfinished socks on the coffee table. Wow, isn’t everyone impressed! :rollseyes:


Either that or maybe she just HATES doing any finishing!
She gets the fun of doing most of the knitting and somone else gets to pay for the chore of doing the finishing (and she makes enough money to buy more yarn and do it again).

Could be a good way to feed a yarn habit?


Addicts have done strange things to support their habit!