4 year olds can knit!

Yesterday I taught my 5 year old son and 4 year old twin daughters to french knit.

They took to it really quickly, and at 6.55am, still in pyjamas, it was the first thing Kameron and Kennedy wanted to do this morning. So proud !

How adorable is that? Love it.

That photo is PRICELESS! I hope you keep their first efforts to show them in a few years. I was about that age when I learned (left-handed from a right-handed mother – LOL!) :happydance:

So cute! :slight_smile:

Very cute! What’s french knitting?

French knitting is like corking isn’t it?

Corking? :shrug:

Very cute picture!!
Jan,I think French Knitting and Corking are also called spool knitting. They make i-cords .

Its also called spool knitting or corking. You end up with an I-cord, which isn’t all that useful, but the kids get a long ‘sausage’ or ‘snake’ pretty quick, which they love.

I’ve worked out that with two I-cords, you can weave them (one going up and down, one left to right) over & under, to make a square.

I loved doing that as a child. My Mum saved me her big empty thread spools and my brother would pound 4 nails into the top and I was off. Don’t remember doing anything useful with the I cord but it was fun. The picture of your children is a keeper. So cute.

"If I’m sitting I’m knitting!"
I’m sorry but I think I have to steal your slogan. :hug:

This is great! Teach them more, get them going!
I learned crochet at age 3 and knitting at age 4. Good age to start.

To make stuff with Icord…

I remember rolling it into a flat big circle (snaking it up) and sewing in a weaving way up and down to fix the position. This made a coaster or pot holder (you may have to do the sewing for the kids).

Lately I found the best usage: crochet something (like a bag or vest) with “net look” (like stacked bricks, you know? Chainstiches and double crochet). Then weave the I-cord in back and forth to fill the holes and make it fabric. Maybe you can find a fabric it can be woven in. It has a great look and it would be a nice joint project for all of the family.