4 Stitch Entrelac

Can anybody help me find a 4 stitch entrelac scarf pattern. They keep saying, “oh use the 8 stitch method and just use 4 stitches instead”. It’s not working for me!! Help. Anybody!!

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I couldn’t find one, but really…that IS what you do. What isn’t it working for you? Maybe we can help with that.

Cast on enough sts that’s a multiple of 4. Make the base triangles like you do for an 8 st multiple (or 10 or 6) only do it as far as 4 sts, then start the next triangle.

I will say that by the time you pick up sts on both edges you’re only going to have 2, maybe 3 sts in your squares and triangles, so they’re pretty bitty. Maybe try a 6 st one instead. Here’s a tutorial for a 6 st scarf, that might help.

Hi Suzeeq, Thank you for your reply, that was very helpful, I will use the 6 stitch method since there is a pattern. :knitting:

Thanks Jan for taking the time to respond back to me.