4 ply yarn

I am knitting a sweater using drops merino superfine. I am well into the sweater in fact only need to do sleeves. But as l am finishing up the body ( actually binding off) the current ball of yarn has had 5 places, the last apx 12 rows, where several ply are broken so I have had to cut the yarn and start with a new length. Has anyone encountered this. I find extremely irritating since more work for me.

I have had an occassional knot or slightly split ply but those weren’t enough to complain about.
I have had 2 occassions when the yarn really let me down, both occasions the colour was different in the balls of the same dye lot and significant enough to cause me problems and a lot of frustration.
Both times I contacted my supplier and both times they provided replacement yarn. Both times the yarn that was sent as replacement was also dodgy and inhad to work pretty hard to get my sweater finished with it but I was happy with the customer care. They also contacted the makers so that the problem was reported (nD prob to get their costs reimbursed). Mune was not Drops yarn either of these times.

Drops is a big yarn maker, i would think you could get that ball replaced. It’s frustrating though.

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Have the moths got to it…? I’ve had this before but it’s not usually so localised. :thinking:


I can’t imagine. I purchased earlier this year and was in a sealed plastic bag mostly. I changed to a new ball of yarn for the sleeves and at the beginning there were a few places but this also is what I had unraveled from a swatch. Now that I’m past that hopefully no more issues.


I moved on to the last ball for first sleeve but since I wanted to make it longer and needed to make sure I had enough, I have moved back to defective ball. I unwound it to see how bad it was. It was in 4 separate pieces with some areas of the separating plies. So I reached out to seller. So they want to see pics of what I was talking about. Sent those and waiting to hear back.

The pics will also be to send on to Drops (my guess) so that drops are informed and can reimburse the shop if the shop reimburses you. All to be expected. Bit of a faff sending pics but easier than going into town (certainly for me anyway).
I hope you are sent a new ball and can get the sleeves and the added length done.