4 or 5 dpns?

So, the pattern I’m wanting to start calls for using a set of 5 dpns…4 needles with stitches and one to knit off of.

I’ve only ever used 4, and every package of dpns that I can find in stores only come with 4. Is it imperative that I use 5? Can the pattern still be done with only 4? I really don’t want to have to try and order something online, paying for shipping and all that when dpns cost less than $5 for the ones I like at the store.

Is it a sock, hat, sweater pattern?

I had this problem with a sock pattern once. I had was just learning and didn’t think I’d be able to modify the pattern for 4 DPNs so I just bought another set of 4 DPNs and used a needle from it. Giving me 5 DPNs. Works great.

Aww heck just divide the stitches amongst the 3 needles and knit with the fourth. I usually divide it so that the bottom of the foot is on one needle and the instep is divided between two needles and then knit with the fourth.

It’s for a hat, but I think it would work just fine with 4 dpns. I’m going to look at another store or two for the sets of 5 and if they’re not too expensive, I’ll grab them. Heck, I might even try magic loop for this one.

Can’t you just get 2 sets of the 4 needles? Then you’d also have some extras. Extras are always good…especially for people who like to lose them. (Of course, I NEVER lose needles:—) :slight_smile: