4 New tires, front & back end alignment is enough time to

Split a ball of Sockotta and knit this much Jaywalker:


It’s a good thing I had my yarn with me since they took forever to play around in my car.

I got them home and decided they were coming out a wee bit too big though, so they’ve since been frogged. I’m about to restart and try a short row toe instead of my usual one.

For anyone who’s made these–where are the slipped stitches demarcating the gusset/instep supposed to go? On the front or the sole? Thanks!

Haven’t made these, but wanted to say great job on making use of your time! I do the same thing. Rarely go anywhere w/o my knitting.

That’s great use of time! I don’t usually bring my knitting when going to the mechanics, always afraid it will get dirty. Maybe, I’ll bring it next time and be extra careful.

I’m doing the jaywalkers top down rather than toe up, so I’m not sure of the changes to the pattern, but the slipped stitches on my are along the sides.