4 needle mittens

I am stumped as to how to complete this section of the pattern http://www.craftown.com/knit/pat10.htm

Then slip 2 stitches from #3 needle over to #1 needle
then k3 drop 13 sts on pc of yarn (will be 11 plus 1
on each side of the stitches you have cast on.
i then cast on 3 stitches over needle and pc of yarn
and continue to knit around

I’ve tried to figure it out but do not understand ? I have two needles with 16 stitches and one needle with 22 stitches (12 plus the stitches I increased).

Could someone please help me understand ?

I don’t get it either. Pretty non-standard way to write directions. Maybe you could find another pattern with the same or close number of stitches and start following it.

Oh yeah, I helped someone on ravelry with it. It’s [B]very[/B] badly written.

Move 2 sts from needle 3 onto needle 1; knit 3 then slip the next 11 sts onto scrap yarn (you can CO a new st before and after the 11 sts to give you 13 on the scrap yarn)

Then CO 3 sts and finish the round; these sts will be on the hand part and bridge the gap where the 11 were which will be the thumb later on.

Thanks for the response !

I’m still at a loss though … do I move the stitches from the top of the needle or from the bottom ? If I move from the top it looks as though there will be two stitches (the ones I move over) that won’t be knitted as the yarn will miss them and it looks like the wool I need to knit will get all twisted ? Also won’t there be a big gap between needle one and two when I CO the stitches ? Do I break the wool or do I carry it along to the next knitted stitches after the CO ?

There is no top or bottom needle, really. They should be in a circle - needle 1, 2, and 3; move the sts [I]after[/I] you knit them. Then k the next 3 and slip the 11 sts after that onto a holder or scrap yarn. Don’t cut the yarn, you need it to cast on with and knit the rest of the round.

SuzeeQ … you are a genius. I think I just may have figured it out now. As long as I’m suppose to have a hole where the stitches were CO, then I think I’m in business. Thanks for your help !

I helped someone else through this pattern, so didn’t even have to refer to it. She had the same problems you are - it’s one of the worst written patterns I’ve ever seen. The hole is for the thumb and you pick up sts there when you’re ready to work on it.

once again I am at a loss as to how I do this section. I have needle a needle with 22 stitches (12 plus the increased stitches) which I am assuming is needle one and the other two needles have 16 stitches each. The way I read the pattern is that I should move 2 stictches from needle 3 to needle one. But how do I knit them before putting them on needle one ? I’ve already knit around and am at the end of needle three and ready to knit again starting at needle one ? Am I confusing what needle is 1 and 3 ? I just don’t get this pattern !

ps. I can send a picture if I’m not making any sense ?

For future reference, this is a great mitten pattern to use: http://www.freevintageknitting.com/mittens/615-mittens-pattern.html.

could you let me know if I have “named” the needles correctly ? Think I may be mixing up 1,2 & 3 (see message below). I’ve knit this round a few times now and just can’t figure it out.

Thanks !