4 am baby blanket

i just finished this. it my biggest project to date that i have finished any way.

Very pretty

I love the colors.

It looks great, hob!

That’s beautiful! :cheering:


Lovely! :slight_smile:

It looks so sweet!

thank you for all the nice things i know its not the worlds best blanket ever so thanks it still needs ends fixing . i love it so much tho i dont want to give it away.

The baby will love it and never notice any "oops"es.

It’s so pretty, I love it!

:happydance: very pretty!!

Very nice!! I always like to think my mistakes are little pieces of myself in there - if I wanted perfect, I would have gone to a store.

im sorry is there a big mistake that i missed i keep looking for one but i dont see it… some one poit it out to me pls.

oh my goodness, hob, no!! I think I misread what you last wrote, and got that compounded by ah’s comment - you said ends need fixing, and I think I just saw the fixing, and thought you were being self-critical! I think your blanket looks wonderful! And I’m so sorry if I made you think I saw a mistake!:hug:

lol its ok i was just looknig and looking then i was im gonna have to ask what i have done wrong(as i often do things very wrong) lol maybe i should just get better at knitting then i would know if there was a mistake lol.:thumbsup: