3x3 rib cast on help

I would like to have an invisible cast on for a 3x3 ribbed scarf. There are tons of videos online about 1x1 and 2x2, but none on 3x3. I have tried the following COs and none have that lovely appearance of the alternate cable cast on:
Long tail, long tail in pattern, cable in pattern, twisted German in pattern.

Could someone explain if it is impossible to have an invisible CO with a triple rib? Feeling frustrated

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You could use a tubular cast on and then adjust to 3x3 rib.

Here’s a nice video for tubular cast on:

I haven’t used this technique for 3x3 although I have worked it for 2x2 rib.

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A question about the first link, which directions do I follow?

Knitting abbreviations confuse me. If the pattern I’m using says the following, would it still work with Christine’s Rows 5-6?:
Row 1: sl knitwise, k2, p3, k3…
Row 2: sl purlwise, p2, k3, p3…

You’re working back and forth in rows? Give it a try on a small swatch. I’ll see if I can try it also.

This is the pattern. Is it not typical to do that for ribbing?

I’ll try it and post what my swatch looks like

Working ribbing back and forth? You might also work it in the round but infrequently for scarves.

Just another idea…work a provisional cast on with waste yarn, start the rib leaving a tail about three times as long as the edge, when the rib is finished, take the stitches off the waste yarn and do the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn bind off. I find that to be really stretchy but not loose like the usual ssbo, and almost invisible.
Rearranged tubular co always looks distorted to me…

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I like the sewn bind off as well but it’s usually given for 1x1 rib. To work 2x2 or 3x3 you have to rearrange the sts. @Mel61, have you found a video or tutorial for using it with 3x3?

I tried the method I linked to above and I’m not so fond of it for the same reason Mel61 gave, the first couple of rows look messy and distorted. Also the slingshot method for tubular cast on is typically used for 1x1 rib. It doesn’t look right cast on as 1x1 and then worked in 3x3. Some sts are ok but others aren’t.

Hi, I’ve not actually found any specific instructions for the sewn bind off in rib (in her book, there is the suggestion that it doesn’t work with rib!) but it was specified in a top down pattern of a sweater that I was knitting and I was really pleased with the result! It was almost invisible and it didn’t make the cast off edge pull in a bit or flare, the way they sometimes can, and it was stretchy which meant that the sweater hung straight as per the design. I’ve used it a lot since!
best wishes

Ah, that’s interesting. I’ve used it as often as I can on bind off with a tubular cast on used to cast on. Unless the rib is integral to a pattern, I change it to 1x1 specifically in order to use the EZ sewn bind off.
I use Liat Gat’s video.

Aha, I’d still call that a tubular bind off even though it’s sewn. The EZ sewn bind off is much simpler. You do cut the yarn about three times longer than the edge and use a sewing needle. But all you do is pass the needle through the first two stitches purl wise, then pass the needle knit wise through the first stitch and push it off the needle. And repeat! Almost too simple, so I avoided it for that reason! Same manoeuvre regardless of stitch aspect. I was surprised at how effective it is!!

I don’t seem to be able to make this a hyperlink but you can cut and paste the URL.

It isn’t too fussy about tension either. It seems difficult to make it too tight!

It also looks less visible than I think her example shows. Not invisible but not obtrusive or lumpy either.


Here’s an example of my sweater

That’s very pretty and very effective. Thanks for the link!

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The sewn bind off for the cast on, correct?

I wish there were more options for odd ribbing!

Hmm, maybe I should stick with the long tail. It’s not what is the easiest on my eye, but it is simple enough to overlook.

I contacted Christine Guest, and she suggested I use Ysolda’s provisional start https://ysolda.com/pages/tubular-cast-on, skip her 3/3 rib start with all the twist stitches. K3 from the knit needle, then purl 3 from the purl side on the purl needle folded away.

That’s an interesting idea. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the link and the modification.
Longtail or German twisted are good go-to cast ons.

If I’m worried about the cast on being right e.g. top down sweater necklines, where they might be too tight or too loose ( and top down rib can’t be pulled back in the same way stocking stitch can be), I do a provisional cast on using waste yarn, and then go back to effectively complete with a bind off, thus avoiding the cast on completely! That way, you can easily pull it back and repeat until you get the result you want!! :joy:

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