3st RT - I think I messed it up

I am working on a hat that said “3-st RT, p5” for one row. In the stitch glossary it says

“3-st RT K3tog without slipping sts from LH needle, yo, k first st on LH needle once more, drop 3 sts just worked for the LH needle”

I did what I thought was a right twist and it decreased the 3 stitches into two and now it looks funny and the next row of “K3, p5” doesn’t line up.

I’m so lost. I’m not sure what I did to mess this up. Any help would be appreciated!


Do you have a photo of what you’re making so we can get a better idea of what it should look like?

Here is the pattern thank you!!

There’s no decrease. You still have three stitches when you do the twist: the k3tog, the yarn-over, and the stitch you knit last.


Thank you, I figured it out with your help! I watched some youtube videos
and I think they did more harm then good.

Can I ask you another question? I’ve completed row 1 -18 and now it says to
go to “K3 P1 (mulitple sets of 4)”. I’m not sure if I should repeat row
1-18? Or do I start on this new one?

If you could help that would be great!


I don’t think that’s really what it means. The K3P1 looks like the ribbing at the bottom. I think you’re looking at the special instructions, not the pattern itself. From the way the hat looks, you work the ribbing, then you work rows 1-18, then you start the crown decreases. See where when you go down to “Hat” it shows that and then “shape crown”? Your next row will be “Next (dec) round”.

I never said thank you! I figured it out and you were very helpful. Thanks!

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