3rd row - P1 (2, 1, 2, 1), K2 below, *P3, K2 below, rept from * to last 1 (2,1,2,1) sts, P1 (2,1,2,1)

this is all new to me. how do you knit 2 below? and what do the numbers in the brackets mean?

The numbers in the () are for different sizes, your pattern should have notes on what they mean by ‘k2 below’. It could mean knit in the 2nd st below the one on the left needle, but without more information or seeing the pattern (or a picture) that may not be right.

So the sizes could be like XS, S, M, L, XL and the numbers like P1(2,1,2,1) would be for each size starting with the smallest and going to the largest. You only purl however many it indicates for your size. It is a good idea to circle all numbers that pertain to your size. That makes it less confusing.

If the K2 below is not what Sue said. It would mean to knit the next 2 stitches below. So: K2 below= knit in the st below, knit in the st below. I think that might be more common, but as Sue said we would have to know more. Probably somewhere it tells you either what k2 below means, or what k1 below means. That would explain which they meant.

To knit 1 below you insert your RH needle into the center of the stitch below the needle instead of where you usually do and knit it like a regular stitch from that place, then slip the stitch on the needle off the LH needle.

2 below= knit in the st below, knit in the st below

You can’t do it this way, would make a big mess with 2 knit below sts next to each other.

Sue, Oh my. I never tired it out, it just seemed logical. Hmm, I just tried it and can’t see that it made a big mess. :shrug: I don’t know if it looks really good, but not really bad either. I don’t think there is ever a reason to one isolated k1b or in this case k1b, k1b and have it do anything that you’d even notice. But I did it over about 10 rows doing k2b every over row on top of each other and it may be a little weird, but not a mess. :lol: I don’t know what they want her to do to be honest.

The usual k1, k1b or p1, k1b makes a brioche type rib. With 2 k1b side by side with 93 between, maybe it does make a wider rib. :shrug: