3rd pair of socks this year

The first sock of my third pair knitted since my heart bypass operation in July. This is in a hand dyed Marino and nylon mix which I bought in Boston MA while on holiday. I wish I had made it a bit longer but I was unsure if I would have enough yarn. I have been gradually refining my pattern with each pair. The first two pairs were a little short in the heel I think. I made the heel flap longer for this and used heel stitch instead of stockinette. I have never worn hand knitted socks before but I am now starting to realising how nice they are. One great feature is that the sock actually stays up without feeling tight anywhere - something which bought socks never seem to do.


Love the color. Socks are something i have never attempted. Someday!

One design question I have been chewing over is whether and to what extent to use ribbing or even cabling with hand dyed yarns. The second pair I knitted were stockinette (apart from the cuff which was 1x1 ribbing). This showed up the variations in the colour beautifully but the sock is not quite as elastic as a result. Ribbing however seems to distract from the subtlety of the colour. I am wondering if a better compromise might be a 3 x 1 rib rather then the 5 x 3 rib I used in this pair. As for cabling, which I love knitting, I suspect the paler the yarn the better the effect as it will show off the light and shade.

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The sock is perfection, Nigel! It looks comfy even in the photo. Such a gorgeous, jewel-like color.
I like the idea of working cables in the hand-dyed. They work very nicely on the instep and don’t seem to fight a subtle color variation.


Oh, I like your sock! I have to leave colors and patterns to others as I’m no good at it. I knit toe up and can use up all my yarn if I want and don’t have to worry about running out on the foot. No picked up stitches on a heel flap either and I like that but I can do a heel flap style heel. All my socks stay up and feel great without rib. I just do some at the top because I like it. You could do a hem with rib on the inside. That way you’d have the rib but it wouldn’t show and mess with your stitches. So you know what I mean -

Beautiful!! I stopped knitting socks when I realized I couldn’t wear them, but new baby granddaughter on the way… maybe sock booties!

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What a beautiful sock!!

The yarn looks tiny, I bet it feels super soft.
Thanks for sharing it, I really love the color.

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I have now just finished the second sock of this pair and tried them on. I had increased the length of the heel flap from the previous pair I knitted (to 2 1/2 inches) but I think it should be longer as it still pulls a little on the instep. I read somewhere that the heel flap should be as long as the distance from the floor to the ankle bone; if so, my heel flap needs to be closer to 3 inches.

Lovely! Looks very comfy and neatly done, and I love the color. How long did it take you to make each sock? They look like a lot of work