39 ounce yarn, what!?

I’m a recurring newbie after 30 years away and am currently doing a few practice runs. I found a pattern for an afghan from a Leisure Art book that has me stumped before I begin! Materials needed are: Worsted Weight yarn: 39 ounces, (1,110 grams, 2455 yards) with size 17 needles. Note Afghan is worked holding two strands of yarn together. So my question is about the 39 ounces. I can’t find anything like that. Seems like it would be a rope! What am I missing in this direction? What kind of yarn am I suppose to get? Help! Thanks

I believe that’s the total amount of ounces needed to make the full blanket. You’ll need to buy enough skeins so that it equals that about of yarn. You’re going to want to look for Worsed Weight yarn for this pattern. You’ll need to hold two strands together, that’s the thickness. Hope this helps some! :slight_smile:

The numbers look perfectly reasonable.

1,000 grams = 1 kilogram = 2.2 lb = 35.2 oz.

Thus 1,110 grams = 39.1 oz. (to nearest tenth of an oz.)

And 2,455 yards / 39.1 oz = 62.8 yards/oz. From my private spreadsheet, this is equivalent to Cascade 220 (220 yd/3.5 oz), which functions almost as a working definition of “worsted weight yarn.”

If I were purchasing Cascade 220 for this project, I would need 2,455 / 220 = 11.2, or 12 skeins of yarn, since it’s not possible to purchase 0.2 skeins of yarn.

Working a worsted double-stranded will make a nice, supple, and warm rug or blanket!

(But if it’s a rug, be sure to put a non-skid pad underneath it.)


That would be the total weight of all the skeins needed for the pattern. If you used different colors, you’d need enough to add up to 39 oz, or even that much of one color

Aahhh… Thank you all very much! Looks like I’m going to need a lot of yarn! Better get cracking.