365 days of crochet

I got a neat little calender! It’s a crochet calender with 300 some odd patterns in it… How great is that!! 300 plus crochet patterns for $15!!

They also had a stitch n’ bitch calender that I was tempted to get. I might just go back and get it for the heck of it. :knitting:

I’ve already started one of the patterns (mind you, it’s the pattern for the day of June 5th, but oh well! Has anyone else seen these calenders?

My sister gave me a crochet pattern a day calander last year for Christmas. I loved it, it’s so fun to go through it and see all the patterns that are in there! :thumbsup:

I got this calendar as well and found a bunch of projects to try. I really want to try the lace up mocassins. Way cool!

Maybe we should all work on a design to submit for next year! Wouldn’t that be cool?

I just got a big “knitting pattern a day” for 2008 today at my local calendar store for 50% off! Woo! I love the daily calendars because there’s always something good to look at (and make!):heart:

I also got a knitting pattern a day calendar for '08 (ages ago)… I know I probably won’t do a lot of the items in there (based on the tiny peak I took), but figure as each day goes by I will save the ones that I like… I have been a good girl and haven’t looked at ALL of it, so each day will be a surprise! Yeah, I finally get to use it!