31 Days of Recipe Cards

I’m a (newbie) digitalscrapbooker and was turned on to digiscrapping recipe cards… To get myself to practice digiscrapping more, I’ve decided to scrap and post a holiday recipe every day in December! The first two days have been posted. Check it out and create your own digital Holiday cookbook!

I’m also looking for fellow digiscrappers to sumbit recipe cards of their own as guest bloggers! (Kinda like a swap)

Anyway… check out my digital scrap blog!

Those look very pretty. My time is otherwise taken, though, I’m afraid. Must knit! Must crochet! Must sew!

Not to mention that all of my T&T recipes are in sleeve protectors in notebooks, ten notebooks to be exact, although I’m now thinking of putting the ones I use the most on my handheld so I can always have a recipe list.

Those are really cute. Not to mention yummy :slight_smile: