3 WIPs! I thought I was a monogamous knittter!

Here are my 3 (gulp!) works in progress:-

I’m knitting Pebbles from the Rowan pattern using Rowan All Seasons Cotton in a colour called Purr. It is knitted in seed stitch and is proving somewhat tricky - I have to keep track of every row and have to concentrate as it is very easy to go wrong! I’ve done more frogging and tinking on this pattern than I’ve ever had to on all my other projects combined!

I’m also knitting Starsky using Jaeger Shetland Aran wool in an unreleased shade of green - kind of a muted holly colour - almost tweedy in shade but not an actual tweed wool if that makes sense?

The third project is the Hudson sweater from Noro Knits using Big Kureyon wool in colour number 1. I’m loving the way this is knitting up but because I figure it is really a wintery jumper I’m trying to concentrate on the Pebbles first.

Wow! I can see how you’re torn between 3 projects! All look fabulous!


They all look great, and what FANTASTIC yarn!! :inlove: You will get better at the cable pattern in Starsky, believe me. The first couple repeats for me were so tedious but it got so much better as I went along. Good luck!!! :thumbsup:

Everything looks wonderful Sue!!! :slight_smile:

Wait until your 980 balls of WOTA show up…then you’ll have 4 things on the needles!!!1 :cheering:

They’re all lovely! No matter which you choose to work on, it must be very satisfying.

[size=2]Now when they’re all knit up and you have to seam all of them. :rollseyes: [/size] That’s what I end up doing. :shifty:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Will I be able to keep it at only 4 though with all that WOTA???

Seriously doubt it!

:smiley: WOW, all are fabulous!!! WTG :thumbsup:

Thats it!!! :mad: I can’t take it anymore I have to knit starsky but I am afraid I am not good enough yet I guess I won’t know until I try right ! Besides now I have an excuse to order more yarn :wink:

Go for it!!!

There is nothing hard about knitting from a pattern - you just have to understand what they mean - and there are enough very experienced and downright friendly people on this forum to help when necessary. Once I had a problem which even my knitting maestro mum couldn’t figure out but within 5 mins of posting to the How To forum I had great advice and managed to sort everything out - and my problem is now a beautiful cardigan!

Wow…they all look great!! Your one busy person!! :XX: :XX:

They all look great! Can’t wait to see them finished! :wink:

Beautiful, beautiful stuff! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I love the look of seed stitch, but I think I’d be completely batty by the end of doing that much of it!

Those are wonderful! And just think… if you finish one, you don’t have to figure out what to knit next :wink:

Mama Bear

Everything is looking great!

I HAVE to get that Noro book!! I love those colors on your sweater (jumper, right? :smiley: )

Very tedious projects for your WIPS!!! They look fantastic! :inlove: