3 WIPs and a FO

This is some of the stuff I’ve been working on. The skirt is made with Mmmmmalabrigo Hollyhock. BTW can someone tell me how to block it? The scarf is Suri Dream and merino. My mom’s throw is RH Soft Grass Green and the Column of Leaves throw is LB Wool-Ease Forrest Green Heather.

The Daffodil throw is my mom’s Mother’s Day gift and the Column of Leaves throw is for a friend who’s been battling ovarian cancer. The skirt is mine, it’s the 1st thing I’ve ever made for myself. Yuck, I hate photos of myself :ick:

The Column of Leaves throw is based on Brooke Nelson’s Column Of Leaves Scarf pattern. To get the pattern go to www.knittingpatterncentral.com and look for it in the scarf section. The skirt pattern can also be found on the KPC web site in the womens clothing section under skirts. Look for Kiltie. You can also find it on the Berroco site. The Daffodil throw is found in The Ultimate Book of Knit Afghans, published by ASN Publishing. In the book it’s called Daffodil Dream.

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Nadja xxx

I love it all especially the throws!!! :heart: :heart:

wow ! very impressive !!! you are knitting hard !!!

very pretty ! :cheering:

Those are all beautiful!

Stunning work! Lovely play of sunlight in some of the pics. Interesting juxtaposition of the red scarf stitches against the small floral detail in the bg. :slight_smile:


:notworthy: :notworthy: My goodness!

Just have to add that the :heart: that door! It’s beautiful!

WOW. everything is GORGEOUS!!

Everything is beautiful :woohoo:

Beautiful!! Great job!


Everything is so beautiful! The throws are so stunning!

Thanks everyone :aww: :muah:

The throws seems to be the never ending projects especially the Column of Leaves, it just never seems to get any longer.

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Nadja xxx

What a prolific knitter you are!
I stand in awe of anyone who can simultaneously knit two green afghans at the same time. But they are certainly gorgeous! :notworthy:

You do amazing work, I like all the pieces you presented here. I love the cable work especially.

I love cable work too, it’s so much fun, but I hate to say that the patterns here are not cabled, it’s a complete illusion. Both pieces will have to be block in order to fully see the patterns.

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Nadja xxx

Gorgeous handiwork. I stand in awe! :notworthy:

Everything is beautiful!
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Those throws look so fabulous!

OMG~ YOU have been been a busy girl~!! :cheering: