3 week old new knitter

What does “Cast on multiples of 2” mean. I want to make an Irish Moss stitch scarf. I am horrible in math. Can someone help this ole girl, please?
Thank you.

A multiple of 2 means any even number. You’ll run into multiples a lot in knitting patterns.

I am sorry, how do you cast on exactly multiple of 2s?

I’m thinking that the number you cast on has to end in an even number. The number of cast on’s has to be divisible by 2. Example 80 can be divided by 2 but 15 can’t. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Tangles. Love your Forum name. hahaha
I woke up in the middle of the night and thought the same thing. I am assuming it is if you want to increase or decrease a piece of work you do that by the multiple of 2 or whatever number.

Thank you for your reply.
I am going to attempt an Irish Moss stitch scarf today. Wish me luck. :slight_smile:

Kathie .

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Yes I think that is right. I tell you what I have found to be a great tool and that is YouTube.

Just type in what you need help with and there always a video to help. On there type in knitters Pride great tutorials on there. You can also type in the word (slow) and then what you need help with and there are a lot of tutorials that they take their time with showing you how to do something.

Make sure you subscribe to the ones you enjoy and tap the little bell next to the subscribe button. You need to also click on the video’s name (the person’s name or their name like knitters pride) and you will be able to find more of their video’s, always check out other video’s down below a video that you are watching and you will see others remonstrating the same thing. Sometimes you may find a video that you like better.
I find that if they go fast it doesn’t sink in. I guess I am getting to old lol

I hope these suggestions help :blush:

YouTube had been a huge help to me too.i southern same thing, watch one and then look at others on that same site and often do find ones I like better. One thing I learned later was you can gift the settings button on the bottom right of the video and adjust the speed of the video. :kissing_heart:Don’t know what if do without it. Sometimes I find a few different ways to do the same stitch and find one that’s easier to do than another

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Thank you for letting me know about the gift botton. See you helped me to learn something, that will be a life saver for me. I get sick stopping and and restarting the video because most of them go too fast for me lol. Thank you for sharing this information with me :blush:

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Glad I had something helpful to share. I learn so much here too :grinning: I see looking at my post all the auto corrected words. Sorry about that!

It happens to me to lol. That’s why I read it first and edit it if I made mistakes but a few slip through from time to time lol.

I have been wondering where you are from. I live in Chattanooga TN. I move here 4yrs ago. My husband and I are from Amarillo Texas.
By the way my name is Pam :grinning:

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I always mean to check over my writing and forget half the time, lol. I’m in upstate NY but originally from NJ. I’m Cathy😃

Nice to meet you Cathy. Shame we live so far apart where we could have coffee :grinning:

You too :grinning: Would’ve been fun

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You two sound like loads of fun —Pam and Cathy.

Then join right in Ellee :grinning:!

Another great resource is Ravelry.

Nice to meet you Elle :grinning:

Welcome to the fun :grinning:

Thank you soooooo much!!