3 needle bindoff

ok. i’ve heard how neat the 3 needle bo is. i’m wondering if it would be possible to pick up stitches along the edges, then use 3 needle bo to seam a sweater together.

i’m sure this has probably been asked, but had no idea what search terms to use. :aww:

You could, I’m sure. But I’m also sure that would be more tedious and take a lot more time than seaming the sides together…

I did that to attach sleeves and liked the result. There is a bit of a ridge there where you picked up the stitches on each side–not bad, but just a regular seam. It didn’t matter in the sweater I made because the whole thing had ridges in it.

If it was smooth stockinette, you’d have to try a little and see if it looked the way you like.

thanks for your thoughts! i’ll think on this some more.

It leaves the same size ridge as joining the seams with crochet leaves. And I like it much better than normal seaming. (I dislike hand sewing, so the less seams the better!LOL)

it sounds like you’ve done this before, lobug. if so, does it take longer than seaming would? i’m ok with doing mattress stitch, but i’m itching to try the 3nbo.

I always do a 3-needle bind off for shoulders, but I never have side seams, but you could, it would just leave more of a seamline on the inside than say, matress stitching the sides together. I wouldn’t do it if it’s a heavy worsted or bulky yarn.