3 needle bind off with joining yarn?

My pattern calls for a 3 needle bind off while joining in yarn. I can’t find any videos that show how to do the bind off while joining new yarn on. Anyone have any links??

It’s on the very bottom of the bind offs page–


It makes a really nice seam.

It’s now showing how to join in the new yarn. That’s where I’m stuck. I know you’re supposed to just start knitted with a joining in but how do you start to do a 3 bind off while adding a new ball of yarn?

Leave a tail and just start the BO? That’s how I’d do it.

Are you saying the pattern calls for you to join a new ball of yarn, or did you just run out in the middle of your three needle bind off? If it’s the latter, I’d just go back, unravel your yarn to before the bind off, and join your new yarn before you do the bind off. I just think it would be less of a hassle that way.

If it’s the former, there are multiple ways to join the new yarn with videos here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-tips

(Scroll down to about the middle of the page). I particularly like the Russian Join because it comes out really tidy. But you can also just knit a few stitches with the old yarn and the new yarn together. Unless your yarn is really bulky, it won’t show.