3 needle bind off in pattern

Is it even possible to do a 3 needle bind off in pattern? I can’t figure out how to do it with the purl stitches. Maybe I should just cast off each shoulder separately and then stitch them together. Any help appreciated.

Normally with a 3 needle bind off you put the needle in as if to knit so I suppose you could bring the yarn forward and do a purl, but it might be very awkward and hard to do. Huh. :?? What kind of pattern is it?

It’s a sweater for my husband that I’m kind of designing as I go. The pattern is a rib design (knit 6, purl 2). I’m what might be called an advanced beginner knitter, I suppose. Right now, though, I’m not feeling very advanced.

Just try it and see how it works. I’m not sure it’ll make a difference anyway as the bound off sts are on the inside and how you work those probably won’t effect the look of the RS at all. So you can probably just BO in knit.

I agree with Sue. Your BO sts aren’t going to show on the RS. (Even if you were doing a RS 3-ndl BO for decorative purposes the actual ‘ridge’ wouldn’t reflect the st pattern, per se.)


I say go with the knit–it’ll give you the most uniform seam.

Okay, I went ahead and did the 3 needle bind off in the usual way. It looks just fine. Thanks everyone for the encouragement to try it.