3 needle bind off for long seam

i’m trying to finish a sweater that has me beaten down. it’s a garnstudio pattern that was horribly written so i had to make some adjustments to make it work and not drive myself absolutely crazy. anyways…i’m finally almost done and i have one very long seam to work, 180 stitches on both pieces. they are cast on edges that need joining, so no active stitches.

i’d like something relatively invisible from both sides if possible, and the idea of sewing it all leaves me wanting to not finish the sweater. i am contemplating a three needle bind off, but that would require picking up 360 stitches, which also doesn’t thrill me, but am willing to do. i am having trouble figuring out which side/direction to pick up the stitches i would need to work the 3NBO and have the working yarn in the right place. can anyone give me any help on that? or any other hints on how to do it without pulling out all of my hair?

btw, i’m knitting with debbie bliss cashmerino aran on size 8s. it would be heartbreaking to frog it all, esp since i’m so close to being done with it!

thanks for any help!

I think I would do mattress stitch–it will be the most invisible from the outside, though both it and 2 needle bo will leave a bump on the inside. For straight edges, mattress is relatively painless.

I think 3nbo on straight knitting will show when you have to pick up stitches to do it. I did it for sleeves, but the sweater had a pretty busy pattern so the seam looked like a design feature.

If you want to try the 3nbo, then you’d pick up stitches on the right sides of both pieces and then work the 3nbo with the right sides facing each other.

ingrid, thanks for your help. i’m not so concerned about it showing so much as i’m joining stockinette to a shaker rib, so it won’t be as noticeable, i don’t think. i’ll try it tonight, and see how it goes! thanks again!