3 more WIPs: GG, Kidlet Tank, Sunset Pullover

So far, I’ve posted some FOs and an almost FO. Here are some WIPs that I’m working on now: Green Gable, Kidlet Tank, and Sunset Pullover (the links to these patterns can be found at my signature).

Green Gable is a nice stress-free pattern. I’m really liking these top-down raglans! :inlove: The only thing to worry about now? Short rows and making a sturdy but nice-looking underarm. If I need to use short rows, I’m going the Japanese route this time. If my sleeves seem too tight, I might cast on some extra sts before permanently joining ITR.

The Kidlet Tank is my zen knitting project. :happydance: The yarn is of “blankie” quality, and the endless rounds of stockinette st are soothing. I’m debating whether I’m going to change the straight I-cord straps to ones that tie around the neck. Also, I’m weighing the possibility of knitting a bordered halter strap. We’ll see! :XX:

The Sunset Pullover has been a back burner project for months now. I do a little bit at a time. Last night I got myself to finish the sleeve increases on the first sleeve. I still have nearly 4 inches to go. I think I remember Ingrid saying that she doesn’t like doing sleeves last. I’m the same way: I don’t like to start a pattern with them, but I’d rather get them out of the way because I don’t like to finish a project with them. :rollseyes:

:cheering: :cheering: I love everything :smiley: I am now anxiously awaiting looking @ your FOs :wink:

Go Jackie! Go Jackie!

I love the Cotton Tots Kidlit tank! Sweet!

:cheering: Your work is excellent. Love the kidlet tank :thumbsup: