3 FO's Purses: Shayna, Sueet Suede, Girls Night Out

These are finished purses made for my family in Texas.

[color=red]Sueet Suede from Knitty[/color]
Knit in Berroco Suede

Pattern is straight forward and pretty easy. I would knit in the round instead of the fold in half and seam method. I think the gusset would lay better with this modification. I would also recommend a size 6 needle. I used a 7 and is a bit too holey for my taste. Of course, your gauge will vary. A liner is a must with this yarn otherwise it will sag terribly. This is for my niece. The flower pin adds a nice touch.

[color=blue]Girl’s Night Out from Pursenalities Plus book[/color]
Knit in Galway

I liked this purse in the book right away. Looking back I think it was the way the purse looked with the magnetic closures that really caught my eye. Well…after much searching I was unable to find any magnetic closures or buttons that I liked at all. I put the purse away until just yesterday. I decided to spruce up the ugly flap with some needle felting. I just used the black Galway yarn. You’ll have to take my word for it that the needle felting looks much better in person. The handle is from the Exclusively You collection over at http://www.leisurearts.com/all_skills/ey/

And last but not least:

[color=brown]Shayna from Berroco Bags #251[/color]
Knit in Berroco Suede and Suede Deluxe

Let me first start by saying the designer of this pattern should be made to lay naked in a bed of the itchiest wool on earth and have their feet poked continously with size 000 knitting needles. Ok…deep breath. I hate and loathe this pattern. The directions could have been so much more clear with just a little more explanation. The design itself is really impractical for anything more than occassional use. The bag looks cute as can be…but imagine how annoying that fringe on the flap will get after trying to reach your ringing cell phone or take out your wallet. A liner again is a must with the suede yarn. It is very stretchy and will sag. There is also a large (insane) amount of hand sewing/seaming on this purse. This is for my sister who is on the rodeo committee in Houston and loves Western looking stuff. I hope she enjoys it…I am proud of it…but I don’t ever want to see it again :wall: :wink:

That’s it for now… I have a few more FO’s to post.

Very pretty…My fav is the Girl’s Night Out!

Great purses! I :heart: the girls night out bag!

Wow those are some fabbooo purses but OMG :shock: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Girl’s Night Out” :inlove:

they’re all gorgeous!!! my favorite is the sueet suede. maybe seeing this one will inspire me to overcome my fear of lining bags and make one!!

Very, very nice from a handbag junkie!

Those are fabulous!! :notworthy:

at least a Making bag addiction is less expensive
you can give away once you are done with it
and no one gets offended
even though you have already had your fun


oooooo!!! they are lovely! :heart:

Everything is gorgeous! And I love your reviews too! :cheering:

i want the girls night out purse!!! Those are my favorite colors!!! :cheering: :cheering:

OMGoodness! Those are simply gorgeous! :cheering: Excellent work! All of them are beautiful!

wow!!! sooooo beautiful. my fave is the sueet suede. :heart: thanks so much for sharing.

Thank you ladies. I find it interesting that so many of you like the girl’s night out purse. That makes me feel better. Before I added the needle felting I just wasn’t very pleased with it. :smiley:

All three are gorgeous! My fave is the sueet suede :heart:

I love them all :heart: :inlove: Beautiful work :cheering:

Nadja xxx