3 FOs: MySoCalled, Odessa, and a hat

I finished 3 (real) objects last week! That’s a record for me. :happydance: The week before Christmas I actually made about 7 scarves, but they were all really skinny scarves, relatively short, and knit in garter… and I used really thick yarn. :oops:


Knit in Manos Del Uruguay. Colorway: Stellar.
It’s surprisingly itchy… anyone know what I can do to reduce the scratchiness?


Knit in Rowan Yarns Silk Wool. Color: Greenwood.
This was my 2nd attempt at Odessa. I knitted it almost perfectly. I have a big head so I added 10 stitches to the CO for the pattern… sadly, it’s still a bit too small. I’ll probably attempt it one more time with an added 20 stitches in the CO.

My third object is a prototype for a hat my cousin requested. She loved the Malabrigo I used for the scrunchable scarf so I knit this hat in Malabrigo: Autumn Forest.
It’s a hat with ear flaps. She also requested a pom-pom.
My main augmentation to this basic hat was adding ribbing to the earflaps and carrying it up about 2 inches into the main body of the hat. All the hard work calculating the pattern was practically useless because the ribbing just disappears once I start the stockinette. I think I’ll have to add a color change for the real hat I make for her.

you can find more pictures on my blog!

Those are gorgeous!! So is your photography btw!

I’m impressed! I love your yarn choices, too. In the last picture, that bowl looks familiar! I think I have the same one! Did you get it at Pier I? I love what’s IN the bowl! :cheering:

the bowl is very much from pier 1! good eye. =) the balls are from pier 1 as well.

You have such a gift for selecting yarn! What an eye for color! I’m definately asking your opinion for any future projects of my own!

Yamaha raptor 700r specifications

Wow! They all 3 look GREAT!!! :cheering:

Wow, Odessa. Thanks for the reminder. I put that on my to knit list waaaay back in the day when I wasn’t confident enough in my abilities to knit it. I love the Odessa hat. Put it on. put it on! We wanna see. :slight_smile:

Darn. Now I’m going to have to go shopping… :teehee: