3 FO's - My Fruit Loops

Some of you may know I am a flegling indie designer. This is my second design ever! I am really exicted about it. It was my first time venturing out designing something with more complex stitch patterns and multiple variations. I worked on it this summer, and it is availible now. I wish I could have had it out earlier!

I knit these 3 test knits, and to photograph for the pattern/pdf. I tried a few different chest widths (hard to figure out what is best on a chunky baby) and you can notice it the most on the grape one where I made it too small. I wound up choosing the width of the strawberry one which was about 2 stitches wider then the pineapple version.




More info about the pattern (if you would like to get one!):


I’m very excited and proud, I’m not working on knitting about 6 or 7 designs for a spring/summer line for 2009.

Those are all so cute! I love the pineapple one :heart:

These are absolutely ADORABLE! You did a FANTASTIC job! Beautiful work.

They are adorable and so is your model. Great work.

Oh my goodness! Those are absolutely adorable! When you get the pattern ready let us know! I love it!

That is one cute baby, too! :inlove: Yours?

It’s availible now, check out the link! Yes Ma’m that’s my little punkin :slight_smile:

OMG! How cute!! Pattern and baby both!

Adorable knitwear and model!! :muah:


Those are soo cute and what an adorable little model you have! :slight_smile:

WOW what a great job designing!!! I love them all. my favorite is the strawberry. and your model is soooooo cute!!!

You are very talented and your daughter is a cute model.

Oh my gosh those are too flippin adorable for words! you should be very proud. Your daughter is beyond precious too. I love the fruit and veggie hats and these little tops are just so sweet I love love love them. Good job. :cheering:

I have been waiting ages for this one to come out lol . I have been watching it on Ravelry lol .
I will get it later in the day after i have taken my son to school.:slight_smile:
Lovely work :slight_smile:

Simply adorable! Love the little dresses, too! :heart:

She’s a little beauty, and I love the designs also.

Those are just WONDERFUL!!! Your “model is just precious”.

I would love to give those a try for my new grandbaby who will be just about that age next summer!!!

OMG, your sprite looks so darling in those tops. Excellent work. :thumbsup: :yay:

Very cute! And what a precious little model. I’m impressed with your design skills.

They are just great!! I love them all! Must make, must make…

The sweater top is too cute, the baby is beautiful, what great pics to cheer someone days up, how cute is she? I love that pattern, makes me wish I had a little girl.