3 FO's from this past winter:

These are not the best looking ones I’ve made but they are sooooo soft.

They all look great and nice and warm! :thumbsup:

The colors on the first scarf are wonderful! :heart:

Very nice! And winter will be here all too soon to give you a chance to wear them.

They are all yummy :smiley:

Mmmmmm…cozy snuggles!! :inlove: :inlove:

The first one is done with “feathers” from Caron. Now, if you’ve never touched it, I suggest the next time you see it in your local yarn store to at least go over and touch it. It’s sooooooo soft. The scarf is warm and soft beyond belief. :happydance:

they look great - I did a scarf like that furry one for my mother too :slight_smile:

Those will be handy during the winter - great job!