3 FO (finally)

ok… so the hat is for my mom, only it looked funny (see the ‘knob’ on top :doh: ) so it’s a do-over (3rd times a charm, right? RIGHT??)caron simply soft, size 7US, 2X2 ribbing, stockinette for the body

the next is the warm woolies bootiesi completed per the pattern (sort of…) for my dd… only she likes her feet nekkid… so i am not sure how much wear is actually going to happen… :?? lion brand wool with acrylic stranded for the crochet edge size 13US

last (but more to follow) is the scarf i made sans pattern for my niece… its joanns boucle sensations stranded with good ole’ red heart in white…just garter stich with a bit of drop stitch and some fun fringe added at the end. size 11US

Great! :happydance: :thumbsup:

Great stuff here! Love the little girl in the scarf. :teehee:

conti: Thanks!
:heart: she’s my niece! she was so happy about the scarf! she kept asking me whenever she saw my mom’s hat or scarf if it was a scarf for her, so friday night i started that one just for her and finished it today. she wraped it around and paraded down the hall… too cute

:muah: Everything is just so beautiful… :notworthy:

thanks godiva!

oh MAN, love the boots
love it all, but Love the booties


the booties were so fast to make, they are actually my third pair, and i made those at the same time on my 13 circs. it did take me a bit to figure out how to knit both at the same time…i made them while dd was napping!

they all look terriffic- great!! and the booties are adorable…

Everything looks fabulous!!

Everything looks great! :cheering: