3-D knitting

I’m totally enamored with the spiky dragons and crocodiles at morehouse yarn’s website, but if I try to bring home any more yarn and kits and ideas before finishing my current projects, I think my husband will lose it!

So until I clear out my list of pending projects and empty out some drawers, I’m not going to the yarn shop. No matter what. So there… uh— huh…

Anyway, I’m hoping I can DIY something with the yarn I have. Does anyone know the theory or anatomy of spikes like that, or really any kind of 3-d knitting where the knitting is raised up from the rest of the piece. Once, long before I knew anything more than knit and purl, I saw a pattern for a breast-cancer awareness “boob scarf” and I imagine that would work the same way. But now I can’t find it.

Any help would be great! TIA!

Is this the scarf you’re referring to?

It’s from the 2004 Knitty fall surprise, but it’s not listed in their archive…

Why yes, yes it is. Best sentence: “Instructions for optional nipple are included.”

Sweet. Maybe I can make this scarf and my daughter will grab those nipples instead of mine. YOW! There’s no t-twister like the kind that comes with razor-sharp infant nails!

:roflhard: You crack me up!

I should add that most 3-D knitting is done with short rows. This article demonstrates the concept:


Wow, neat! This is just what I was looking for!

Thanks Marria!