3 Christmas Stockings

A long while back (September maybe?) I posted my first Christmas stocking that still needed to be embellised. Well, 3 months later I finally completed our stockings and got them hung up! I started to add all kinds of little embellishments but soon realized that they looked much better with a simple motif in the center of each stocking. My original plan was to embroider our names but when I tried it looked TERRIBLE so I went to the craft store and got these letter blocks… I think they look cute :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!

They are beautiful! Years ago I dated I guy and his mom made me a crochet stocking, it’s beautiful. I never got around to asking her for the pattern for it though. I wish I had it.


those are gorgeous!! and those letter blocks are so cute- what a great idea!

They are beautiful!! They are the nicest stockings i have seen so far. Great job :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I’m pretty proud of them, LOL!

Oh, those are adorable… Love the embellishments.

those are gorgeous!!!

Those are so pretty! :cheering:

Those are great!!

Beautiful!! LOVE the letter idea! Wish I had thought about that … oh well, maybe next year. What pattern did you use?

I used this pattern. The other 2 motifs I got from crochetpatterncentral.com. :slight_smile:

Those are absolutely adorable. You really did a wonderful job and I’m sure they will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Wow! What beautiful stockings!! I just noticed each one matches its hanger too. Your color choices and embellishments are lovely. How did you attach the cording? It looks great!

To attach the cording I just used some gold embroidery floss. I basically whip stitched the whole thing. Really, I could have used any thread I wanted because the floss disappeared into the creases of the cording :slight_smile:

Those are so cute! Nice job. :yay:

The stockings are just beautiful. You did a great job. The letter beads were a good idea.


:cheering: :inlove: They’re perfect!!! You really are talented.