*3/3/08 Updated with Sweater Action Shots Pg2!* Lucy and Mr Greenjeans

Lotsa gray Cascade 200 in the stash to use up!

I [I]looooove[/I] my Lucy Bag. The handles are brilliant. Next time I’ll probably do the shorter handles so it’s a shoulder bag and I will definitely line it with pockets and a stabilizer. I’ve been using this as my daily bag for over a month.

(crappy cell phone pic alert)

And then Knitty’s Mr. Greenjeans. Super easy pattern and a pretty quick knit. It’s still drying but I think it’s gonna be a good cold sweater for the back of my office chair.

Pattern-wise: I went a size up to accommodate the boobages and as a result there’s poofy extra fabric in the back :ick: I’d have been better off figuring out some short row shaping, oh well.

I also did much more decreasing on the sleeves cuz they were huuuuge the first go 'round.

(more cell phone pics)

I love your Lucy bag! Where can I get the pattern?

How much shorter would you do the handle (in relation to the pattern)

Great job on both :slight_smile:

Hmmmm…I’m not terribly sure, because I have such a hard time predicting what will happen during the felting. The pattern does have an option for a shorter strap (I followed the long ones) and I would start by trusting that for my first try since the rest of the pattern was good.

Both look great! Where did you find the Lucy pattern?

Bag is fab! Sweater looks good–sorry about the extra room.

They both look great! :thumbsup:

I like them both, specially Mr. Greenjeans xx

They both look great. I’ll have to find the Lucy Bag.

Here is the original place to buy the Lucy Bag pattern. I searched for a free pattern, but couldn’t find one. Hopefully someone will be able to post it.


They both look wonderful! I especially love the Lucy bag color:thumbsup:

Great job on both! I love the Lucy Bag too!

:happydance: They both look great!!

I love the look of the Lucy bag it’s been on my to do list since I joined KH :teehee: …one day I’ll get it done, maybe…

They both look great.

They look great! Love the big button on the bag and your cables look nice on the sweater! Nice work!

Lovely job on both. Gray is a great color.

Here are some action shots of the sweater. I keep it in my office now, it’s super warm and reasonably comfy. I’m completely impressed with Cascade. I’m really sensitive to wool and can’t usually wear it next to my skin. This sweater is itchy, yes, but not NEARLY as bad as I expected!


CUTE! it looks comfy!! great job! :thumbsup:

That looks GREAT… nice work