3/17: Official KPC Update!

I know a lot of you (but not nearly all of you) have been having trouble accessing KPC (http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com) due to various reasons beyond my control. These problems, we believe, are due to very badly behaving DNS and my domain registrar. Registerfly. See the article that came out Slashdot today.

Good news:

  1. The domain is being moved away from Registerfly. Thousands of websites have reported problems like this (if I got the story straight).

2. Temporary fix: View KPC by its IP: Type or paste that number (with the dots intact) into your browser (Firefox/IE, doesn’t matter). KPC was just re-coded in this past 48 hours to make all the directory pages work when viewed by IP.

PS- If you are a CPC (Crochet Pattern Central) fan as well, its IP is

thanks rachel!

Thank you so much! It works! :hug: :hug: :hug:

Oh goody, thank you!


You’re welcome!

:cheering: That’s excellent news!

I’m such a dork. I just posted a link to your wayback machine archives in the sticky pattern thread. I swear I searched kh before posting! :doh:

Great news! Thanks!