2x2 ribbing

I am making a hat. (Nice story actually- I was at Michaels today and they have Christmas things! Anyway, there was a decoration that was a cabled toque and one of the employees that I have become friends with, pointed it out to me. Right then and there, I decided to make her a cable hat similar to the decoration she showed me)
I found a pattern that says to cast on 78 and do 2x2 ribbing- but that doesn’t work with 78 stitches. If I make it 80, I will have to cast off two stitches at the end of the rib pattern so that my next section with the cables will work. Is that a feasible plan? Like maybe just k2 tog at the beginning and end of the last round? https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fairly-straightforward-cables

Thanks for including the link! I looked at comments on Ravelry and saw that someone asked about this. The reply says it’s supposed to be k2,p1 ribbing. I looked at photos on projects and it seems k1, p1 rib works well with the cables pattern. The question and answer are 9 years old; I’d think correcting the pattern could happen in the next decade or two. :wink:


Thanks for clearing that up- I didn’t read the comments! I will do the k2 p1- I am so excited! :slight_smile:

Great! I hope you share your hat when done.