2x1 rib over 65 sts


My sweater pattern starts in 2x1 rib however for my size I need to cast on 65 sts.

As 3 does not divide into 65. What do I do for the final two sts of the row? Do I just continue as if in pattern, or should I just k2 or p2?

Please help!! Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance,


What is the name of your pattern?
Is it knit in the round or back and forth?
If it’s knit in the round you can add an extra stitch and cast on 66sts then decrease one after the rib.
If it’s knit back and forth, end the row with k2. That way, when it’s seamed, you’ll lose one knit stitch on each side of the seam leaving a k2 in pattern.

It’s the hotline sweater by wool and the gang. It’s knit back and forth so that sounds like it’d work just fine - thank you for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good one!