2nd sweater

This is the second sweater I have made. The first was a cardigan that turned out waaaayyyy too big. It was one of my first projects and I didn’t really understand gauge. Anyway, I recently ripped it out and made this from this pattern/formula http://spincraftpatterns.com/29swSuretoFit.pdf.

I went a little too long on the raglan part, it’s a little too big around. And at first the sleeves were too short, but today I unraveled the ribbing and made them longer. I hate the yarn (Lion Homespun), but the sweater is warm. I will wear it!


It looks fabulous!

:noway: a whole sweater? Out of HOMESPUN?!? Whoa… where’d you get the strength?

It looks amazing!!!

It’s very pretty and looks good on you!

Very pretty! :cheering:

:smiley: Your sweater is very nice, you did a terrific job on knitting it, and it looks great on you! I am not a big fan of knitting with homespun yarn either, but usually once I finish the project it always turns out quite nice.

I think it’s awesome!!! Great work!