2nd sock screw ups

This my first attempt at socks.
Other than having a bit of trouble getting the 1st sock started, it doesn’t have any mistakes…(amazing)

So I’m now working on the 2nd sock and for some crazy reason I keep making mistakes but I don’t discover them till many rows later. I think trying to knit at work is partly to blame. Too many distractions.

One of the mistakes is twisted sts on the heal bottom. I don’t like it but I’m leaving it.

The next mistake is I went too far decreasing at the gusset so I have 4 less sts than I should, ugh!
Yeah I hate it but decided to continue on and worry about it when I begin the decrease at the toe. I know it will throw off the size a bit but oh well, it’s my first right?

Am I just so anxious to finish these socks that I am getting reckless?

It’s so easy to mess up the first time around. Don’t worry about it. You can always add stitches. Don’t cut the yarn from the ball when finished until you try it on. You’ll know then whether you need to frog it and start over. It’s okay if you have to. We’ve all been there.

Here’s a silly sock story for you: This past Christmas I was knitting knee socks for my sister. I was just really getting into knitting socks and was going great guns. I knit a beautiful sock. I was so proud. Unfortunately when I was done and tried to “test it out” by putting it on, it wouldn’t fit. I had misread the instructions and knit a child’s sock instead of a ladies sock. I was so p.o’d!!! I had purchased 2 skeins at once so I was sure the colors would match and now had totally made a sock out of one of them ---- for noone!!! I bought another skein and, miracle, it was the same dye lot, etc. so the color matched the remaining one, and made a great pair for her. But now I have a beautiful child size olive green knee sock mocking me!!! You’ve got to laugh at yourself.

They aren’t mistakes they’re design features. :mrgreen:


Would you mind if I use this in my signature? (Seriously…)

One of the hardest things about learning new things in knitting is that we want/expect everything to be perfect and the knitting gods want to humble us on occasion.

Been eating humble pie now for several months.

Hang in there!

That is one of the many reasons I like making 2 socks at once on 2 circs!

Why don’t you try it on now and see how it fits around your foot? Then you can decide if it still fits OK enough (even though it’s 4 sitches tighter then the other) to continue on or if you have to frog back.

As for the twisted stitches in the heel, I agree - I’d leave them. It’ll be hidden inside your shoe - no one will ever know!!

whohoo! do you have the sock bug!

Thanks for all the encouragement y’all! I’t will be fine fit wise and if it’s not too bad, I am not starting over now!

I’m anxious to start 2 on 1 circlular!!!

Yeah, this is way fun!!!