2nd Row Help

Hi. It’s my first time knitting and I’m trying to knit a scarf. When I look at videos on Youtube or even on this site, the tail and yarn are not together on the needles after the 1st row. They just say “Flip your needles to the other hand and continue to work” but I can’t do that. My needles have the tail and yarn together at the top of my work at the end of the first row. Did I do something wrong? Or is this an easy fix so I can continue working on my project?

Thank you for your help.

The simple answer…don’t worry about the tail. Where it is depends on the cast on you did. If you do long tail cast on the tail ends up on the same side as the working yarn. After you knit one row it’s on the other end.

Most other cast on methods have you do a slip knot and when you’re done the tail is at the other end till you knit a row and then they are on the same side.

So it doesn’t matter. It’s just a remnant of the cast on so just start knitting and don’t worry about it. Watch the video “demo of a small project” listed under Knitting Tips in our video section. It shows you the cast on, knitting a few rows and binding off.

You don’t knit with the tail. After the Long tail cast on (which isn’t the first row) they’ll be together, but you do the first row with the yarn connected to the skein, and leave the tail alone.