2nd request!

Hi, Could someone please help me understand these instructions?
Buttonhole row (WS) [P to marker, SSP, yo twice, p2tog] 6 times, p to end.
Next row Knit (working into back loop of each yo) p 1 row. With B (that is a color), k 1 row.
Now, I 'm confused as to “yo twice” and I don’t know how to work into back loop of each yo. Also, I had to pick up 253 sts. Which I did quite nicely…however, I now have acquired 270!! I have already ripped out to the picked up stitches…don’t really want to do it again, but looks like I will have to…Thanks to all who take the time to explain in kindergarten terms for me…:muah:

Thank you! Linda

I know you’re anxious, but you need to give people more time to answer. You can also reply to your own post if you have more info or something instead of adding another post.

The double yarn over is creates the buttonhole. Bring the yarn forward between the needles then wrap it over the top and back between the needles again ending with it on the front side of the work.

Working into the back of each YO is kind of fiddly and awkward. When you get to that point you’ll see the two yarn overs. Instead of going into the front as usual you stick the needle from right to left into the back loop, knit and the take it off the needle. Do it again. There are instructions in the video section, too. Look at the glossary and find k tbl.

The only thing to remember when working in the back of a yo (or any stitch for that matter) is that you wrap the yarn the other way around the needle.

Jan in CA - please correct me if I am wrong.

Hi, Thank you for your response…I appreciate your time…Why do I feel like I was just reprimanded? I love this forum and have received tons of help from nice folks. I apologize if I appeared impatient. I have posted threads before and have always gotten almost immediate replies. I was surprised when I saw several members had read the thread and I hadn’t received any replies. Thanks again to all who took the time to reply!:inlove:

No, not at all. I’m sorry if it came off that way. :hug: I just saw the second request post and the first had only been posted the night before. We do have a lot of members from other countries, but the majority is probably here in the US so it would have been overnight when people were sleeping. Those who viewed the post probably didn’t know the answer. Lots of newbies here. :thumbsup:

Well… you still wrap it under then over the needle. I’d say that’s the same direction, but I’m directionally challenged on the road so maybe here, too. :teehee: If that didn’t make sense there is a video for tbl.

Thank you again…:muah:

It might be easier on the double YO, when you get to it on the next row, to knit into the first loop, and purl into the second loop.

The only thing to remember when working in the back of a yo (or any stitch for that matter) is that you wrap the yarn the other way around the needle.

No, that’s not always the case, you generally wrap the yarn the same way you would when working a stitch the regular way. Where did you hear this?

I read it in the video tip section…purl section…last sentence of the kitting back…

I must have misunderstood.

Ahhhh, it may have been in the combination video. The way you purl in combination style the yarn comes out wrapped the opposite direction as in other styles, so when you knit the sts on the next row, you knit them through the back loop to make them come out untwisted. But that wouldn’t apply in this case.

No, you didn’t misunderstand you’re just reading the wrong thing. That isn’t k-tbl (knitting through the back loop) or p-tbl (purling through the back loop. That is actually knitting backward so you don’t have to turn to purl back. It’s worked on the front of the work. It’s mostly used on things like entrelac where you are only doing a few stitches before you have to turn so it saves time.

This is knitting through the back loop:


Oh, now I understand. Didn’t know there was a knitting backward video there. I don’t even think about how I wrap yarn if I do that, just wrap it.