2nd Project for September 08

I love this project, so are my colleagues! Some even want me to knit for them… i think all of us is the same, we have so many knits that we wanted to knit but time is just not enough…
Here you go:

I love it too! The color is wonderful. Love those little flowers (you had them on the bag too, right?)! Beautiful!

I like it, too! Red is my favorite color!

This is really pretty, love the different looks you gave it also. >^,^<

Love the color! Great job :woot:

Cute top! So the flowers are separate and you can put on different ones? My favorite is the red flower of the same yarn as the top. Good idea to be able to change it around.

Me too like red… also yellow and orange…
Though i like black but avoid knitting black…

It turned out gorgeous! No wonder everybody wants one! :slight_smile: Love the beautiful color!