2nd post of lion brand Diego hoodie pullover L70142

What does “working from RS over 11 sts of right shoulder, so 1, k 10.” There are 22 stitches there, does that mean I start in the middle of the 22 stitches? I understand the KFB in each of the 22 stitches on the back, and then it sounds like I only knit 11 of the stitches on the left side. Should I move the other 11 stitches on each side to a holder? This seems like it will leave 11 stitches on each side unworked. Thanks for your help before!! I hope you can help me here, too!

For the smallest size, you should have 11sts on each of the front.
The last directions for the fronts:
Next 2 Rows: Rep last 2 rows, removing markers as you work the last row.
Slip rem 11 (12, 12) sts of each shoulder onto separate holders.

Are you making the smallest size?

Yes. Thank you again for your help!! I used to knit a lot, and I just have taken it up again.
I need to look up some of the terms, but as soon as I see them on youtube, I remember them.

This is why I am a little nervous about this patter. I actually had to rip out twice. FIrst one is visible,

but the second one is invisible. I learn something new everytime I knit!!

Thanks, again!!


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