2nd pair of socks

I’ve finished them :happydance: . I did a short row heel, and although it was rather hard, I’m really happy with the result. It feels so much better when you wear it.

this is my last pair in acrylic. The next pair will be with real non-wooly sock yarn :cheering: :happydance:

Love them - purple is my favorite color!

those look great. yea for real sock yarn!!! so happy you found some non wool! :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: SPECTACULAR socks :cheering: :cheering: WTG knitting your 2nd pair with a short row heel :cheering: :cheering:

well, I can’t be picky with the yarn, so I have to be picky with the pattern. Because this is rather thick yarn, I was feeling a seam in my traditional heel. This is soooo much more comfortable. And it wasn’t as hard as I suspected. (It’s only my 2nd pair of socks, but I’ve knitted more difficult things)


Looks great!!


They look yummy!! I love the color. I have yet to try socks. but if that is your second pair. you ROCK

thanks a lot. Socks aren’t as difficult as they look Georgiasmama, just try it and you’ll see you can do it.

What pattern did you use? I love em :heart: