2nd Pair of Socks - Lettuce Edge

Hi y’all!

Just finished binding off my 2nd pair of socks.

I like the yarn…not bad for a cheap grab bag from Ram Wools.

I didn’t quite get the striping even, but oh well. I’ve always had trouble measuring stuff. :teehee:

Very nice! You even matched the stripes!

You matched the stripes - OVERACHIEVER! :teehee:

I like the cuff and the term you use for it. I’ve never heard of it referred to as a lettuce edge - I like that a lot better than “ruffle”. giggle

Very nice! I love the “lettuce” edge that you made. the stripes look…artistic. Enjoy them! :happydance:

[color=indigo]Neat! And your stripes are far more matched than I’d ever attempt! :teehee: [/color]


Actually, this is the name of the pattern. You don’t actually think I’m creative enough to think up something like that on my own, do you??? :roflhard:

Thanks for the nice compliments, all. I wore them to work today and have been showing them off!

I love them! I love ruffles…I mean “lettuce edge”. What is the pattern - from a book?

Loverrly :slight_smile:

Thanks Kathy!

I posted the title of the pattern booklet up above in one of my previous posts in this thread.

I LOVE your socks! :heart: They are so cute. I’d be cuddling up in those every chance I got!

Those are really cute! Lovin 'um!

:heart: Very nice I love the Lettuce edge

Very very cute! I really like the cute lettuce edge! :cheering:

Nice Work!!! :cheering:

Those are really great! I love the colors. :cheering:

Those are very nice. I haven’t been brave enough to attempt stripes yet. Good job. :cheering:

Hey Mason - the yarn is self-striping. No extra work required. You just let the yarn do it’s thing.